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Kristy, Au Naturale: Massage is not a Luxury

Show of hands on who is stressed about something right now? Literally, anything. Laundry, money, marriage, kids, work, blah blah blah blah.   Close your eyes and feel your body. Feel where it is tense. Is it your shoulders? Your jaw? Your glutes? Is your brow furrowed or your posture slouched? Now stop reading. Feel… Continue reading Kristy, Au Naturale: Massage is not a Luxury

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Momday Feels: Kristy & Annie

Just because some parts of our region fall victim to the whims of a picky groundhog’s opinion on what is considered a shadow, doesn’t mean we can’t make spring bloom whenever we (damn well) want inside our homes Some fun indoor spring projects can boost the mind into happier places.  For instance, if you love summer… Continue reading Momday Feels: Kristy & Annie