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Why I love bats, and why you will too.

Call me crazy, but I find myself obsessing over bats. They are my favorite mammals, other than my cat, for several reasons. The best reason ever is that they can eat overĀ 1200 Mosquitos an hour and can consume their body weight in insects every night! That's right. Stupid, disease carrying, biting, poopy mosquitoes. BUHBYEEEEE They… Continue reading Why I love bats, and why you will too.

Dr. Annie Answers

Dr. Annie Answers: Hair Rescue

As a working mom I sometimes feel almost like Jeckle and Hyde between my "clinic self" and my "mom self". Dr. Annie wears coordinated outfits and looks like she knows what she's doing. Mommy Annie wears stretchy pants and has did-she-just-get-electrocuted hair most of the time. Or I wear this hat: Converting between the two… Continue reading Dr. Annie Answers: Hair Rescue

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Momday Faves

You know that feeling when you discover a new {item, gadget, service, app...} that revolutionizes your day-to-day mom life? That howdidIeverlivewithoutthis?? moment? Well these are a few of Christiana and Annie's faves we'd like to share with you lovelies! If you're on a strict budget.... stop reading now. You're gonna want one all of these...… Continue reading Momday Faves