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Sing Peace: The Power of Positive Intention

Our scene opens to an Amphitheater. Its Grandparents Day and its my son's first year at this Montessori School. I am excited to show my Father in Law and his wife how AMAZING this school is. It's reputable accreditations, top notch facilities, child led education model, etc. Then the kids come out. They get in… Continue reading Sing Peace: The Power of Positive Intention

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Finding Your Wolf Pack

Sometimes, life catches up with you and items on the "to-do" list get relegated to the "to-do later" list. We ladies at Lockers To Littles all happened to have one of those weeks this week. Supporting each other over the last couple decades has been what led to this blog in the first place and… Continue reading Finding Your Wolf Pack

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Momday Faves

You know that feeling when you discover a new {item, gadget, service, app...} that revolutionizes your day-to-day mom life? That howdidIeverlivewithoutthis?? moment? Well these are a few of Christiana and Annie's faves we'd like to share with you lovelies! If you're on a strict budget.... stop reading now. You're gonna want one all of these...… Continue reading Momday Faves