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Finding Your Wolf Pack

Sometimes, life catches up with you and items on the "to-do" list get relegated to the "to-do later" list. We ladies at Lockers To Littles all happened to have one of those weeks this week. Supporting each other over the last couple decades has been what led to this blog in the first place and… Continue reading Finding Your Wolf Pack

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Why I love bats, and why you will too.

Call me crazy, but I find myself obsessing over bats. They are my favorite mammals, other than my cat, for several reasons. The best reason ever is that they can eat over 1200 Mosquitos an hour and can consume their body weight in insects every night! That's right. Stupid, disease carrying, biting, poopy mosquitoes. BUHBYEEEEE They… Continue reading Why I love bats, and why you will too.

Momday Faves

Momday Faves: Part Deux

To continue a "few of my favorite things" on these Momday Faves list.... Kristy's turn: Mommy Hooks Does this look like you running errands or enjoying a day out with kids in in a baby wearing device, one holding hands, and one in a stroller? Trying to run errands, go to the farmers market,… Continue reading Momday Faves: Part Deux

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Adventures of a Renaissance Mommy: Introducing Christiana!

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Kristy, Au Naturale: Demystifying Doulas

In honor of the closing of World Doula Week,  I asked my 7 year old son, “Honey, what do you think I do as a doula?” His reply was perfect, and what most folks (if they know doulas are a thing) think a doula does. He said “You help get babies to come out!” In… Continue reading Kristy, Au Naturale: Demystifying Doulas

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Adventures of Mommy Money: Introducing Margo!

“Mom, the teacher said that we are making lunches for homeless people.  How can people be without a home?” This was the question my 5-year old son asked me as I was rushing around the house at 6:30 am trying to get everyone to put on their clothes/shoes and get in the car.  “Well, my… Continue reading Adventures of Mommy Money: Introducing Margo!


Adventures of a Doctor Mommy

A colorful introduction to Annie, the physician blogger of our group.