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Pregnant, MD: What’s Safe in Pregnancy Myth vs Fact, Part 1

Hey mamas and mamas-to-be! There is a lot of confusing and alarmist information out there on the interwebs about the safety of lots of things everything in pregnancy. We all want to be safe, but also to not be deprived of allofthethings for 9+ months. This post is a quickie guide to set the record… Continue reading Pregnant, MD: What’s Safe in Pregnancy Myth vs Fact, Part 1

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Friday Faves: Summer Smoothies

Summertime is coming in hot across the country right now (see what I did there, hehe) and that means breakfast and snack time need refreshing makeovers. We love smoothies all year round, but especially when it's 80 degrees already at 9 am, ain't nobody wanna be slaving over a splattering pan of bacon and eggs.… Continue reading Friday Faves: Summer Smoothies

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Friday Faves: Summer Cocktails

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, we thought you all might be interested in mixing up the usual libations. We'll start with the fancy and finish with the simple. Cheers!! Annie's Picks: Gin and Tonic Granita This fantasical dessert-cocktail courtesy of Amanda on Chew Town Blog is as refreshing as it gets. If you're somewhere… Continue reading Friday Faves: Summer Cocktails