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Royal Wrap-up…

Well there you have it folks. With some Pomp, Posh Spice mean muggin' (cuz Amal crushed it and Vics be jelly) & slight bit of confusion for the poor English Traditional Church Ceremony later, we have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Our thoughts? WELCOME TO AMERICA, PRINCE HARRY! We knew the Marks would change things… Continue reading Royal Wrap-up…

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Dr. Annie Answers: Open Letter to my Patients

There are things I wish I could say to the world as they approach their doctors' offices. Here are a few, shared with love.

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Momday Feels: Kristy & Annie

Just because some parts of our region fall victim to the whims of a picky groundhog’s opinion on what is considered a shadow, doesn’t mean we can’t make spring bloom whenever we (damn well) want inside our homes Some fun indoor spring projects can boost the mind into happier places.  For instance, if you love summer… Continue reading Momday Feels: Kristy & Annie