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Frugal Friday: Drugstore Cosmetic Finds

Ever had that feeling when you find EXACTLY what you want at the cosmetic counter or drugstore for way less than you thought it would cost? No?!?  Ok, so we usually don't either. But oh man, when it happens... Cosmetics shopping is one of those things that somehow seems to constantly disappoint. All that money… Continue reading Frugal Friday: Drugstore Cosmetic Finds

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Friday Funnies: Sh*t Moms Say

Before we were parents, we had this editorial Stepford-wife, blissful image of what it was going to be like. The kids would be clean and organized and I would gently teach them the ways of the world in a calm and reasonable voice. They would dote on me as much as I doted on them..and… Continue reading Friday Funnies: Sh*t Moms Say

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Friday Faves: Summer Smoothies

Summertime is coming in hot across the country right now (see what I did there, hehe) and that means breakfast and snack time need refreshing makeovers. We love smoothies all year round, but especially when it's 80 degrees already at 9 am, ain't nobody wanna be slaving over a splattering pan of bacon and eggs.… Continue reading Friday Faves: Summer Smoothies

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Friday Faves: Summer Cocktails

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, we thought you all might be interested in mixing up the usual libations. We'll start with the fancy and finish with the simple. Cheers!! Annie's Picks: Gin and Tonic Granita This fantasical dessert-cocktail courtesy of Amanda on Chew Town Blog is as refreshing as it gets. If you're somewhere… Continue reading Friday Faves: Summer Cocktails

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Kristy and Christiana’s Friday Guide to the Royal Wedding Couch-gate

I mean, who over the age of 30 hasn't thought, at least once, that  "All Prince Harry or William has to do is meet me. We'll fall in love, and I'll be a real PRINCESS"?  We know as sure as there are biscuits at tea that we have. We all watched them grow up and witnessed the… Continue reading Kristy and Christiana’s Friday Guide to the Royal Wedding Couch-gate

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Friday Faves: Margo’s Go-To For Working/Busy Moms

Hi friends! I want to throw some things out there (like my besties did) that I have found to be stellar items as a working/busy/tired mom.  (Brad Pitt dancing has nothing to do with this but I liked the gif, so there you go.  Happy Friday!) 1. Pumping on the go Accessories.  Before I even… Continue reading Friday Faves: Margo’s Go-To For Working/Busy Moms